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Freedom Collection

Impact Collection

Represents how colors and joy will always win over darkness

Fashion Collection

Celebrates the power of women to express themselves through their unique style.

Warrior Collection

This series represent the courage of woman since the olden times. The union with the nature, the colors and the birds rememorate the fidelity to our values and goals

What my clients say

“Her art comes to life with those eyes. The cheerful colors are ideal for any space in the house. I have two and my family loves them!”


“Vicky is a vibrant artist and that is exactly what her work represents. I ordered a commission  from her. I feel the good energy it transmits when I look at it, and that is what I think art is about.”


I bought a piece from Vicky and each time I see it I remember  what moves me, who I am and who I want to be.  When life bring me down sometimes, this painting restores my optimism and hope to accomplish my dreams”.