More about the artist

Living in different countries has allowed me to develop my art through illustration, fashion and portraits. Absorbing  the European culture of cities like Madrid and Paris has nurtured my admiration for tradicional artist and influence my work . Now I work as  a full time contemporary artist with my studio based in Miami. This vibrant city has  allowed me to fully express my self. The light, people and the nature of this place encourage me to create everyday with a richness of colors.

In my body of work there are vivid  layers of colors. I’m always searching for a rich palette that reflects strong personality to my feminine portraits . I use the combination of acrilyc and oils sometimes touches of crayons and markers and implementing other types of materials. My mixed media technique includes also strokes with spatula and palette knife , giving texture and volume to my colored canvas.

I consider myself as a contemporary artist . What I seek is to combine the modern times we live with the elegance of traditional style implemented with careful strokes and the combination of different mediums and materials.

Since 2018 I have been studying bold and vibrant woman portraits. My pursuit began as a project to give a voice to all kind of women . The need to honor  beauty and strength  of  each one as a personal and unique expression of the inner soul. Feelings like Fredom and love for each other are always present in my canvas throughout symbolism. The most valuable experience as an artist , for me , is to see the reaction of the public to my work and to make connection with other different stories along the way.

 Recently I have exhibited in significant art fairs  in Miami such as  Coral Gables Art Fair 2019 and  Beaux Art Festival of Arts 2022 . I have participated as well in International  well recognized Fairs:  Spectrum  ( Art Basel Miami) 2021,  Superfine Art Fair Miami  2022, and The Comtemporary Art Fair Paris 2022 . I also have displayed my work at the exhibition « The bridges of the Sena »  ( Galeria Gaudi) in Madrid 2022 . I am also represented by other prestigious galleries like Miami Fine art Gallerie.